Pre-apply for 600h licensed nail school.

We are in the process of preparing to open a private licensed school and enroll our first group. Russian Manicure School is not open enrollment.  All applicants will be thoroughly reviewed before acceptance. All courses/classes are taught in Russian/English language.

We are looking for talented and hardworking students who love everything about nails and would like to dedicate themselves to this career. We don’t promise it will be easy, but we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Curricilum based on the best of the American and Eastern European systems, including the strongest theoretical knowledge and the highest practical skills. Our school programm is complemented by meetings and workshops with leaders in the nail industry from all over the world!
Our mission – to build a different segment of the nail service and grow completely different professionals in it, in-demand and financially successful nail masters.


  • We prefer to recruit a group, but as an exception, we can accept 1-2 people if the application was submitted no later than 2 weeks from the start of the group.
  • Classes are Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. We are closed on Holidays.
  • The class is broken into two sessions. THEORY and PRACTICAL.
  • THEORY is held Monday thru Thursday from 9:00  to 11:30.
  • PRACTICAL is held Monday thru Friday from 10:15am to 4:45pm.
  • Each topic/skill advances each week, or every other week if you are part time, but you can progress faster if the instructor signs off. Each topic is covered at least twice, so if you miss a specific lecture, make sure you attend the next one.
  • After completing 100 hours, you are allowed to service real clients.  
  • After 500 hours you can take the practical test at school.  
  • After 600 hours (graduated), you can sign up for the THEORY and PRACTICE exam at the Washington  Cosmetology Board. Testing fee for written examination (THEORY) is $114 and $180 for practical examination.
  • The average speed of the group is 30 hours a week, you can go through it faster, but from experience the most comfortable time is not 40 hours a week, but 30. In case of  frequent absences from classes, no-shows and a delay school graduation for more than 24 weeks, the school keep the right to add additional hours, which means additional payment per each hour according to the base hourly rate.

At the beginning of nail tuition, each student receive a kit, which is necessary for the student throughout the entire period of study to perform all types of nail services. We initially abandoned the idea that everyone could bring their own materials and tools, or offer the opportunity to buy a “mini-kit”.
You will have a long training with many models, which means you will need a lot of products and how high quality they are and how well you learn how to work with them depends on both the result of your practical exam in the state board and further successful work with clients. That is why we offer time-tested and high-quality products that will never let you down.

You Will Learn:

  • General theory 
  • Theory of manicuring and pedicuring
  • Manicure/pedicure/artificial nail practices
  • Employer/employee relationship skills
  • Client relationship skills
  • Nail art
  • Safety practices
  • Client relations and customer service
  • Price and pricing
  • And more!


Enrollment Application

DISCLAIMER – A one-time NON-REFUNDABLE application fee of $20.00 must be paid in order to submit your application.  Please do not submit an application unless you have successfully completed High School or its equivalent and are at least 17 years of age.

Имя / Фамилия
Название школы или эквивалента
В каком году закончили школу
Последние 4 цифры
Дата рождения
Гражданство США?
Планируете ли вы посещать полный или неполный рабочий день
Желаемая дата начала обучения
Расскажите о себе. Опыт, планы на будущее, мечты и желания.
Я осведомлен(а), что в Russian Manicure School нет открытого набора. Все заявки будут тщательно рассмотрены перед принятием, и заявки могут быть отклонены для зачисления.
Мне не менее 17 лет, и я успешно закончил(а) среднюю школу или ее эквивалент.
This is the $20 application fee and is NON-REFUNDABLE.*
A прочитал(а) вышеприведенный отказ от ответственности и понимаю, что регистрационный сбор в размере 20 долларов НЕ ВОЗВРАЩАЕТСЯ.
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