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Hi! My name is Irina Anderson, I am owner of the Russian Manicure School. I have 15 years of experience as a practicing nail artist and for over 10 years as an instructor! Hundreds of hours of additional training in Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Italy! 
This is not only a different level of knowledge, but also a great experience to combined knowledge and teaching from the world’s best schools and instructors!

These photos are not all of my experience, but a small visualization of my nail journey.

In some photos I am a student, I always continue to study. On some I am an instructor and you can see my many students. I have experience in both individual (1:1) training and groups of up to 25 people in a public beauty school.

More about my experience here.

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After moving to America and starting to work as a manicurist, I met many nail techs and went to regular salons. I saw the work of nail tech and could not understand what the problem was with such a low level of quality.
At the same time, I was approached with invitations to conduct classes in the salon, but it always ended with the fact that manicurists still preferred their techniques – it was easier, faster and more familiar for them.
It was then that I realized that the solution to the issue is on the surface – it is much easier to open a school and teach from scratch than to try to retrain already experienced masters.

Schools teach outdated programs and techniques, preparing only for tests and practical exams. Practical skills are very superficial and do not reflect the modern requirements of clients.

Due to my very long and numerous experience, complemented by an extensive knowledge of the American curriculum, I decided to open a school in which teaching should be based on both strong theory and strong practice, to create a course that would help students complete their studies at the nail school as technicians that are truly ready to work in any technique, be it acrylic, gel, polygel or regular polish.

The mission of the school is to provide the best possible nail education and contribute to the growth of students. But being successful is never easy. Being successful is always hard work.

What Sets Us Apart

  1. Complete and absolute immersion in nail training. From push back cuticle to acrylic 3D art modeling. We will learn how to make clean manicures, work in all existing techniques, follow the world of nail competition, fashion and art, be inspired and create.
  2. We will work in the salon at the school like real nail techs! For speed, for quality, for results! And good tips!
  3. We will learn how to keep the workplace, tools and ourselves clean to prevent possible infection and transmission.
  4. Sometimes we still have to learn theory and prepare for tests, for this you have a quiet room, and the cost of training includes all the necessary textbooks, workbooks, exam prep book and access to online learning.
  5. And of course, the mandatory preparation for the practical test. Everything you need to pass the test is given at the very beginning – so that you can practice while studying and be fully prepared for the end of 600 theoretical hours!
  6. All practical and theoretical preparations are held according only current versions of Milady’s textbooks and workbooks, no amateur performances and “own” textprint books and exam prep questions 10 years ago. We are very strict about that and we understand that only actual knowledges will help you to successfully pass all the exams.
  7. After the successful completion of our school, we will make you an offer from which it will be difficult for you to refuse – we will invite you to work in our salon. This will help you open up as a master, grow even more. Maybe you don’t even want to part with us, and stay grow within our walls, helping us create a professional nail environment.

Now we are in the process of preparing for the opening of the school, but you can already apply and be among the first!

Or take a look at my class calendar and choose the one you like. You can also apply to participate in the class, and as soon as the group is formed (usually 2-3 weeks) I will definitely announce the start!

Payment of the registration fee is $20, it is non-refundable, but it is taken into account when you pay the course in full.

NOTE: Any information that you provide on this site is confidential.

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